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Tiempo Artistas Canciones
12:01 Harry charles Word of mouth [with dj howard]
11:58 Mansur brown Rise
11:55 Weval March on
11:32 Divino niño Foam
11:29 Marlon williams Easy does it
11:25 Riley pearce The water
11:21 Charles watson & tim bruzon Beauty contest
11:18 The cool greenhouse Get unjaded
11:15 The south hill experiment, baird & goldwash Chameleons
11:09 Andrew bird Underlands
11:05 Alaskalaska Tv dinners
11:02 Andy shauf Wasted on you
10:57 Graham coxon, the waeve & rose elinor dougall Kill me again
10:53 Nick mulvey Sea inside (third way)
10:50 Mac demarco Portland
10:46 José gonzález Visions (ela minus remix)
10:43 Skinny pelembe Oh, silly george
10:38 Corey king Fertility filter
10:29 Abracadabra In a photo
10:25 Lannds K town
10:21 Robin kester Infinity song
10:17 Bibio Off goes the light
10:06 Junior mesa Paranoia dreams
10:02 Soft saints Windbells
9:58 Sam evian Knock knock
9:55 Automatic Skyscraper
9:51 Dave okumu & the seven generations Blood ah go run (ft. wesley joseph & eska)
9:48 Don't connect Dead ideas (feat. flyboy jetty)
9:44 Conner youngblood The birds of finland
9:40 D'angelo Unshaken
9:33 Jw francis Going home to a party
9:28 Penelope isles, joe goddard Iced gems
9:23 Noori & his dorpa band Al amal
9:20 Mui zyu Ghost with a peach skin
9:18 Dummy Final weapon
9:16 Petite noir Simple things (feat. theo croker)
9:13 Scott hirsch Heathens
9:10 Afro begue Boul bayi
9:05 Me and my friends You came into my life
8:47 Adrian quesada Starry nights (feat. neal francis)
8:40 Josephine odhil Rye
8:37 Dora jar Bump
8:32 Foxtrails Gemini
8:30 Goon Siren rising
8:26 Marissa nadler Seabird
8:22 Fenne lily Lights light up
8:17 Mauger Ma ja
8:15 Cassandra jenkins Pygmalion
8:08 Samana Two wrongs
8:05 Aldous harding Lawn
8:02 Beau diako & ego ella may Alone
7:59 Bonobo Day by day (feat. kadhja bonet)
7:55 Kerala dust Future visions
7:49 Dina ögon Mellanrum
7:45 Renata zeiguer Burning castle
7:41 Thee sacred souls Future lover
7:37 Léa sen I feel like i'm blue
7:33 Me and my friends Witness
7:31 Taken by trees Say you don’t mind
7:28 Nailah hunter Forest dark
7:25 Carla dal forno Side by side
7:23 Mikayla mcvey Drunk house guests
7:18 Lutalo Darkeve
7:14 River tiber Not just anyone
7:11 Jaguar sun One day
7:08 Dot allison Can you hear nature sing?
6:59 Michael kiwanuka Beautiful life (edit)
6:56 José gonzález Swing
6:52 Rozi plain Help
6:49 Thom.ko Sunlight
6:44 Sam cohen Dandelion
6:40 Tomberlin Tap
6:37 Niia Forward
6:32 Sault Fight for love
6:28 Death & vanilla Find another illusion
6:25 Pet owner Hysterical
6:21 Ailsa tully Salt glaze
6:16 Marissa nadler Couldn't have done the killing
6:12 Niall summerton Human, dying
6:08 Drugdealer Someone to love
6:05 Laura roy Breathe
6:02 Kate bollinger Running
5:59 Still woozy & remi wolf Pool
5:57 Long tall jefferson & aloa input Everything lost in space
5:38 Thomas lemmer Close your eyes
5:34 Les halles Grow in lightness
5:30 Daniel avery, alessandro cortini Space channel
5:22 Dj python Te conocí
5:17 The humble bee Or just after
5:13 Aleksi perälä Fi3ac2150050
5:07 Loscil Catalina 1943
5:03 Green-house Royal fern
4:53 Elori saxl Blue
4:49 Sam gendel & antonia cytrynowicz Blind
4:44 Blank gloss Of a vessel
4:42 Les halles The inside from the outside
4:35 Field lines cartographer Black gulls over the headland
4:29 Fft Forward
4:26 Alloy sea End up here
4:22 Hania rani & colin stetson In all this heavy blue